Ratchaburi locals free district office from PDRC shutdown


RATCHABURI, 28 January 2014 Locals in Ban Pong district of Ratchaburi on Monday marched to the Ban Pong district office to retake it from the People’s Democratic Reform Committee and open it up for public service. 

The mob of locals afflicted by the closure of the district office was led by Narongsak Wanitchayanon, a former head of a sub-district council in Ban Pong. After clearing the vicinity, the group arranged to have a number of guards stand watch at entrances to the district office compound, to prevent any attempts by the PDRC to seal it off again. Some staff of the district office immediately resumed work, restoring a degree of functionality to the district office that had been sealed off by the PDRC for several days.

Also in Ratchaburi, another group of locals assembled in Wat Phleng district to express their support for the February 2 general election, and to denounce the shutdown of Bangkok by the PDRC. The group also lit candles to mark their stance and adherence to the democratic method.