PDRC opens national reform forum


BANGKOK, 11 March 2014 The People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) has kicked off its own-sponsored national reform forum, focusing on 6 issues, with poverty and social disparity being main concerns. 

The PDRC on Monday launched a two-week long forum at Lumphini Park, claiming they were doing so in the hope of reforming the country. The discussion was mainly focused on brainstorming ideas to remodel the nation. The results will be presented to the new government.

Among the six issues discussed during the meeting, two of them, poverty and social inequality, were given the most attention. Experts and scholars took their turns offering solutions to tackle the problems; each of them was given 7 minutes to get his message across.

Some participants proposed that the Justice Fund be better managed, so that the poor could have easier access to the funds, which will be used in hiring a lawyer or for other legal purposes.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 12.