HM the King approves 200 Legislative Assembly members


BANGKOK, Aug 1 — His Majesty the King on Thursday has issued a royal command appointing 200 members of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) proposed by the National Council for Peace and Order, and its inaugural meeting will be held Thursday.

The list of NLA members, comprising 105 active and retired senior military officers, 10 high ranking police officers, and 85 academics and businesspersons, was published in the Royal Gazette and announced on Thursday night.

The royal command also granted a permission for a selection of members of  the National Reform Council.

Among the prominent figures appointed as NLA members were former Permanent Secretary for Defence Gen Nipat Thonglek, Klanarong Chantik, a former member of the Office of the  National Anti-Corruption Commission, and Songsuda Yodmani, president of the American University Alumni Association and daughter of former prime minister Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn.

Meanwhile, Parliament officials on Friday are preparing documents for the registration of the 200 NLA members and believe that five days would be enough for the members to report for service.

It is expected that a regular session will be held immediately after the inaugural meeting.

The Thai National Shippers Council (TNSC) president Nopporn Thepsitha is expected to be appointed to chair the first meeting as he is the most senior among the 200 eminent persons.

The first meeting calls for the National Legislative Assembly Members members to select a permanent chairperson for the body.