EOD says grenade parts found at Victory Monument bombing the same type used at Banthat Thong Road incident


BANGKOK, 19 January 2014 Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialists revealed that grenade parts found at the Victory Monument bomb site are the same type as those found at the bomb site on Banthat Thong Road.

Police Colonel Kamthon Uicharoen, the Commander of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit, revealed that an investigation into the bomb blast near the Victory Monument found grenades were thrown at two locations. The first location is in front of Rajavithi Hospital, about 5 meters behind the People’s Democratic Reform Committee rally stage, while the second location is near a crossover bridge on Ratchawithi Road. Investigators determined that the grenades used in the attack belong to the RGD-5 type, which is the same type used in an earlier attack on Banthat Thong Road.

Eyewitness reports indicate that the bomber fled into Ratchawithi 14 street. The suspect also shot once at PDRC members who attempted to pursue him.