What kind of lotus are you?


What kind of lotus are you? In Thailand, it’s a question that many ask themselves.

The showy aquatic plant has a long history in Buddhism, often serving as a symbol of Lord Buddha. When he was born, the lotus was provided for his footprints. It supported him when he enlightened. And when he reached Nirvana, the lotus supported his body.

The Nelumbo nucifera is India’s sacred flower. In Brahmanism-Hinduism, lotus also means a holy flower. Hindus believe that the lotus flower was a first plant on this earth. It is a charisma flower. In history, it is said that a lotus flower appeared on the forehead of the Hindu god Vishnu.

The Chinese also believe that the lotus is an auspicious flower. They like to paint a lotus flowers and give them away to others as a lucky gift.

In Egypt, the local lotus variety is the Nymphaea water lilies that come in blue and white. Ancient Egyptians also put lotus flowers in mummy tombs to help a dead body to be reborn sooner.

Lotus flowers represent the way of human lives for Buddhists. The lotus flower can be used to compare with four types of human beings.

So what type of lotus are you?

Are you the above-water lotus, which blooms anytime the sunlight hits. It exemplifies smartness, creativity, knowledge and activity.

Are you a water’s edge lotus, which will bloom in the next day? This means that a person is learning, practicing and will be able to understand things soon.

How about the underwater water lotus? These people will grow slowly and blossom one day. This person is less smart, needs time to understand things, but he or she still keeps trying, learning and working hard so that he will reach his goal one day.

Or are you the mud-buried lotus? This person will never be able to grow up to get sunlight. They can only be food for fish or turtles. This flower represents laziness, selfishness, a lack of enthusiasm, hopelessness and uselessness.