Water pipe broken for 2 months


Jomtien Beach residents want authorities to repair a water pipe that has been broken for months, flooding streets and causing shortages.


The broken pipe under Soi Chaiyapruek has caused two months of flooding at Ekmongkol Village and residents say they have called both city hall and the Provincial Waterworks Authority several times, only to see their concerns ignored.

Locals say they cannot understand how authorities have allowed the situation to persist for so long, wasting precious water while causing tap-water shortages for nearby homes.

  • Biker

    Same problem sio 11 sio bukouw waters been leaking for weeks

  • Don Aleman

    Hell, there is at least one broken pipe on every street in all of Thailand !

  • cdnski12

    Misguided Thai efficiency. Same thing happened to a friend of mine. The water main running thru his property near Bandung to a village behind him was leaking for months. they called the Water Administration Agency many times. When his Thai wife went to pay the Land Taxes, she complained in the adjacent water office. Finally a crew showed up to fix the waterman. Then the Agency sent him a bill for the repair. He told them the water main was to serve the village not him. The arguments went on for months. THAILAND … though it could happen anywhere.