Pattaya Police says no water throwing after 8pm


Pol. Col. Apichai Kroppech, the chief of Pattaya told the media that they along with the officers from Banglamung had joined forces to ensure safety to the city during the water festival, they also wanted to declare that there will be no water throwing allowed after 8pm.

Pattaya authorities were notified and currently putting up signs as well as making announcements that residents and/or tourists are not allowed to throw water after the time concerned to avoid any violence and misunderstandings.

Pattaya Police says no water throwing after 8pm

Apparently there have been many negative reports on the water throwing activities since a lot of people clearly don’t know when to stop. The police chief mentioned that everybody can join in on the festivities but that must be during appropriate times. Therefore he is requesting cooperation from residents, tourists and relevant sectors to help reinforce the policy so that people can dress up appropriately in the evening without having to worry about getting wet.

Apart from that, more restrictions apply for vendors selling alcohol in public areas. Vendors caught doing so will be arrested immediately.

There will be police officers all around keeping an eye out in populate areas such as Beach Road and Walking Street, in uniforms as well as casual wear.

Pol. Col. Apichai mentioned again that to make this work, all residents must follow the policy and be a good example for others, especially foreigners who are visiting the country at the time.

  • Kim

    I would like to suggest the following rules to tame future water throwing days.
    No water throwing:
    1. in any business district
    2. at or from a moving vehicle
    3. at or by any foreigner
    4. at or by any person wearing a white armband.
    5. between 8 pm and 12 noon.