Booze sales banned on beach starting in Oct.

Big brother announces the no alcohol policy and had a woman display the apron beach vendors are required to wear.
Big brother announces the no alcohol policy and had a woman display the apron beach vendors are required to wear.

PATTAYA – Beach vendors starting next month no longer will be permitted to sell alcohol.

Sanitation chief Wasinpat Chimtin on Sept. 15 informed about 50 Jomtien and Pattaya beach chair vendors of the no-alcohol rules during a briefing on the slew of new regulations put in place by the army this summer.

In addition to not being able to sell booze, vendors all must wear aprons, must operate their single plot of chairs themselves, cannot sublease to others and must bid for their plot annually in a drawing.

This is apparently being done to project a favorable image during the International Fleet Show in November.

  • pompeypaul

    It seems to me that the authorities are trying their best to drive tourists out of Pattaya, one of the joys of being on holiday is to be able to sit on a deckchair in the shade with a couple of beers,now not only can I not sit on the beach two days a week because there’s no shade but I can’t buy a beer either. I’m seriously thinking that this will be my last trip to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Phillipines are far more welcoming these days

    • Mike

      You are 100% right. Me and groop of 26 pepole will stop going to thailand. Instate we will go evry year to the phillipines

  • pattaya_bob

    Pattaya beach will now be a 4 star beach now that you cannot buy beer on the beach….

    • Rt

      A-hole……Pattaya IS A DUMP……..was never even a 2* w/ a toilet water beach……

  • Michael Taylor

    The party is over

  • Sally Sally

    I think the Sanitation Chief needs to clean up his act. Who does he think he is! Who is he to ban the sale of beer? And such stupid looking aprons. Is this guy retarded or what? This type of decision should be coming from the city council, not him. The people who this effects (tourist) should have been asked for their input. Why is this fool making unilateral decisions for us. Your right about Vietnam and Cambodia as better destinations.
    And who gives a crap about the International Fleet Show !!
    Pattaya beaches were never 5 stars to begin with. Now they are hardly 1 star. And they are still filthy dirty polluted beaches.

    • Paul Young

      I quit agree with you have been coming to Pattaya for many years we went to Jontien last week the beach was disgusting .The so called council seem like a load of Muppets doing there utmost to discourage tourists

  • J.L.

    Party spoilers, there’s plenty of other tropical beaches in many other countries for tourists to go to, or will beer continue to be served on the beaches, as long as the vendors pay tea money?

    • soidog

      In Slovenia the other week I ordered a draught Lager,left my table to get a bit of Sun across the path to the beach,I thought ‘I wont be allowed to drink it here’ just then the bar lady fetched it over to me!

  • Cynical Tourist

    Having enjoyed the delights of Pattaya for over 30 years and spending a few million baht in the process; this latest move to deter tourists has worked for me, bye bye Pattaya, it’s been fun but i’m afraid there are more welcoming countries on your doorstep, that’s me well and truly done with Pattaya!

  • cdnski12

    Time to pack up your bags and leave Thailand to the Russians & Chinese. The Pattaya Beaches are filthy, the food 2nd rate, the monsoon flooding disastrous, the traffic unbelievable, the golf now over priced, the bar girls also over priced, the Visa situation ludicrous, the weather too hot & the humidity is terrible. The various Thai Govt’s doing everything possible to drive out tourists. Well they’ve accomplished their task. I’m outta Thailand … forever!

  • Jan Willem de Lindvanwijngaard

    The military-appointed running this city are at it again. First cut all the trees on Dongtan Beach. Then create a two-lane road and parking lots in the only car-free beach Pattaya still had. Then their action against Walking Street’s iconic neon signs. And now the end of freedom to order whatever you’d like to drink while relaxing on the beach.

    The military are truly destroying this country and the economy.

  • Quis Separabit

    Be better to ban ladyboys and jet skis, would need a good few beers to ride either.

  • George

    First step in ruining business is to regulate. Second step is to put a fool in as the regulator. Third step is for all the customers to loose interest. Mission accomplished!

  • Mike Williams

    Having lived here now for 12 years I and my Thai wife are leaving this month for Cambodia.Thailand now is a oppressive and restrictive police state. Goodbye Thailand,lots of my expat friends have already left. Will the last expat left please turn out the lights.