Useless coins



I wouldn’t presume to try and tell a country how to run their finances, but don’t you think it’s time to do away with the 25 & 50 satang coins?  The only places that use them are some grocery stores, and most other places of commerce do not accept them as payment.  They seem to collect because, at least for me, I never seem to have any in my pockets when I go to the grocery store.  Even banks sometimes won’t change them into more used currency, like 5 or 10 baht coins, or, when you have a large amount, into 100 baht notes.  So, our coin dishes fill up with seemingly useless coins.

I can see keeping the satang based currency system for large trade, but only on paper.  After all, a million widgets at 9 baht 75 satang each is quite a savings compared to 10 baht each.

I don’t have the answer, but maybe someone else does.

Mitt Obama


    Keep 1 or 2 in your pocket to balance restaurant/ tables which all have only 3 even legs, and as they are worthless, leave it/them there.

  • Jerry S

    Put em’ in the ‘dog boxes’ to help sick dogs. e.g., Friendship Mkt.

  • Go to one of the temples and put the coins in one of the collection boxes

  • Col west

    Save your coins,when you have a load of them,donate them to the orphanage.that will make the kids,and you,feel great.