It happened to my husband



Re: Streetwalker drugs, robs German tourist (PM Friday, 09 November 2012) – This happened to my husband as well 2 weeks ago. We were out at a club. He didn’t want to return home that night and arrived at 12 noon the next day ashamed this had happened to him. We talked about the night and he doesn’t remember leaving the club so we figure he was drugged there. He awoke in a hotel room in a bed with the covers folded back, in his underwear, his dress shirt had been cut at the buttons to be removed. He was punched in the mouth, we figure, because his lips were sore and a tad bruised.

This hotel was just about half way down Walking Street then down a side road off of Walking Street. He has no idea where he was and no recollection of the whole night. His 100,000 baht gold chain was taken, 10,000 baht cash, cigarettes and iPhone 4. We are in our late 30s from Canada and residing here in Thailand, just glad he was ok but scary stuff man.

I suggested he report it just so it’s acknowledged. We don’t expect the items to be recovered but to prevent this from happening to others. I believe he’s embarrassed about the situation and it scared him. I know this would put the scare into anybody, so he chose not to report it.

So watch your drinks and who you’re drinking with. The whole time in the club he stood at the bar and never left but had turned his head to keep watch for myself while dancing. He was drinking with a bald white man maybe in his late 30’s or early 40’s with an accent of Australia I think. A Thai woman sat on the other side of this man with her back to them. She was with this man when we left the bar. It was weird that this guy he had just met and had a few drinks with had come out frantic like and concerned that everything was alright and why we were leaving. Just odd for a stranger to do this when we only met and had couple drinks, so just be careful.

He also asked the front desk of the hotel who was with him when he come there and they had replied he was alone, but obviously he wasn’t so I am assuming this hotel got a cut, too. My husband also said when he woke it was like the room was staged, nothing had been touched, the covers were folded back, no garbage in the cans, just an untouched room and him.


  • Linus

    I am sure your husband was drugged by an australian and ended up in a hotel on walking street after beeing punched sounds most plausable. Oh ! by the way I have some magic beans you may be interested in.

  • Kamel Hyder

    You say you’re residents but you don’t know that you don’t wear a B100,000 gold chain out? hmm, no police report? Haven’t you noticed that Thai’s and farangs wear worthless lanyards to hold their Buddhas, Crosses, etc. Here’s a clue.

  • Didier

    Hard to believe that he was leaving the club “sleeping”, was walking then to the hotel (still sleeping) and then checked-in ( still sleeping)………give me a break. I am sorry for whats obviously happening to your husband; but I also convinced that some details of the story are ” fabricated.

  • bob

    This happens to myself and my friends all the time. We come home early morning. All our money is gone, and when the wife asks what happened, we usually dont recall. The only thing we know for sure is that we definately didn’t drink alot, go to a shorttime room with a girl we met in a bar, fell asleep while she ran off with our money and stuff!

  • Thai Mick

    Embarrassed yes, no wonder, there is a LB running around on a new Mio buying drinks for his mates for the month

  • Colin Rudd

    I think I was drugged in a bar once.. Had been out with my ex teerak, late game was on tv in bar. We’d already watched the early game and normal kick off time match and she’d had enough. I stayed on and had a couple more bottles, then bang I started feeling well woozy. I knew something was amiss, paid my tab quick and jumped on a motorbike taxi pronto. Managed to get up to my apartment and according to my ex gf I pretty much fell on the floor! She knew right away I wasn’t just drunk and sat with me for 4-5 hrs feeding me water mopping my brow with a cold flannel, and apparently listening to me talk drivel the whole time.. I was completely out of it! Whenever I order a bottle now I go with the hostess to collect it! If I had still been in the bar ANYTHING could have happened to me. I was lucky many are not.. Happy chappy

  • Babs

    I agree Didier 🙂