Former U.S. President Bill Clinton voted “Person of the Year”


Dear Editor:

What’s this? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) voted former U.S President Bill Clinton “Person of the Year”? How did Clinton, who has been a hunter and a friend of the poultry industry, suddenly become a hero of the animal rights movement?

What happened is that because of his heart problem Clinton went on a plant based, near vegan diet and is now promoting the benefits of his diet. He says his metabolism has improved and he now weighs what he weighed in high school.

PETA estimates that because of his dietary changes nearly 200 fewer animals will be killed. More importantly he can influence many other people to change their dietary habits.

I once had a letter on vegetarianism published in a Bangkok newspaper on the same day Clinton was in Bangkok and I figure he might have read my letter. I’m not saying that he went on a plant based diet because of me, but it goes to show that you just never know who might read your letter. And that’s why I keep at it.

Eric Bahrt