Can anyone help these animals?



Re: Outrageous prices at Koh Samet Clinic (PM Friday, 06 March 2015) – Not sure if this will be published, but I feel I have to try. There are elephants at the so called Hill Tribe Village, on Soi Khao Makok, near Soi Chaiyapruek 2, which have no shelter from the sun. There are no trees there, no shade whatsoever, and the poor animals, about 7 in number, are malnourished and thin.

I pity these poor animals, as they are chained 24/7 and the few tourists who do visit this joke of an attraction are insufficient to generate enough money to enable the cruel uncaring owners to build any shelter.

There is no handy water supply in evidence. Is there an organisation in Thailand who can inspect this horrible place and help these suffering animals?

Charles Bromwich

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