Ayutthaya residents help their neighbors



The sons of a local Thai resident found shelter for themselves, their children and many members of their extended family here in Pattaya thanks to their mother, Mrs. Wattanee (Malee) Donahue and her husband, Paul, of Jomtien Nivate.

A total of 30 persons ranging in age from 1 month to 105 years (yes, that’s right, 105) have been put up in the Donahue’s home as well as in a once empty home owned by her and her husband next door.

Predee on left with Preda on right.Predee on left with Preda on right.

Grateful for the shelter they have been provided, the sons, Predee Vilianon and Preda Vilailert, along with their mother, pooled their resources and along with other family friends, have put together four truckloads of individual family packages to be delivered by their own boats to their isolated neighbors stranded in their neighborhood of Ayutthaya. The packages included the standard dry goods, water, diapers, sanitary napkins, hand soap and clean used clothing.

Ladies & young girl putting packages together.Ladies & young girl putting packages together.

105 Year old Grandma.105 Year old Grandma.