A step too far



Re: Jomtien Roundabout at Soi Wat Boon/2nd road junction (PM Mailbag July 15, 2016) – (People) can’t obey the rules on a straight bit of road so to expect them to follow the more complex roundabout rules is a step too far, especially given that most probably don’t even know what they are supposed to do. Would lane markings painted on the roundabout itself help? I doubt it, they would just add to their confusion.

I myself used to have major problems with roundabouts in the Philippines. It took me a couple of years to discover that I was the one in the wrong. It seems that, as in Malta, they give way to traffic entering the roundabout and not traffic already on it. This obviously defeats the purpose of the roundabout and leads to gridlock and a general free for all and the resultant bumps and scrapes.