8 Bit disco


Dear Mr Mayor,

May I draw your attention on a discomfort suffered by numerous inhabitants living around the junction of 3rd Road and Soi 21?

The problem is that 8-bit Disco (120/16 M9) is very noisy, especially from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am, preventing an estimated few thousand people from sleeping. Complaints proceed from places as far as Nirun Condo, 9karat Condo, Soi Arunothai, and Soi Dudee.

Technically, the problem lies in the fact that there is no wall at the back of the disco, and no building to stop the noise propagating east of 3rd Road. People are also disturbed west of 3rd Road (several hotel owners are complaining), yet the sound propagates less far, as buildings protect from noise.

No doubt that in the long term such noise is detrimental to health. I have many testimonies of people whose medical condition is aggravated by this noise. Furthermore, it degrades our residential environment.

Many thanks for your attention.

Best regards,

Pierre Moessinger

Data Scientist

Soi Dudee

P.S. Many Thai inhabitants say they are disturbed by the noise, yet were reluctant to sign the petition.