Increased toll for Bangkok-Pattaya motorway covers longer route


Bangkok – An increased toll for the Bangkok – Pattaya motorway covers a longer network and improves facilities along the road, says Department of Highways (DOH) Director-General Thanin Somboon.

He said the new toll structure on the motorway, effective from 19 April 2018 and in which a four-wheel automobile will pay a toll of 105 baht, up from a previous toll of 60 baht, covers an extended road and provides the improved facilities of the closed-system fare collection which takes into account the length of the road network.

The new toll, which is to be collected on the Chonburi – Pattaya section, is from 10 to 60 baht in addition to the Bangkok – Chonburi section. A straight journey from Bangkok to Pattaya on the 126-kilometer highway will cost 105 baht, or less than one baht per kilometer.

The toll on the Chonburi – Pattaya section was previously uncollected as the fare collection system was not completely installed. The motorway section has been enhanced with a better road surface, better drainage, better illumination, fewer crossings, better management and traffic management by the 24-hour control center.

  • Kim Conrad Jorgensen

    NEWSFLASH: I go to work this way everyday and get off by the Rayong/Regents School/Route 36 exit on the way home. Yesterday, first day in operation, the tail-back to the toll-booths was 4.3 km. in all 4 lanes, meaning even if you were going straight on to Pattaya you couldn’t get through as ALL lanes were blocked. Unbelievable, talk about world-class bottlenecks and selfish drivers.

  • Sailor

    The system does not work very well and the traffic jam is every where on the side roads .
    Big problem for the people in Sriracha to enter and exit motorway (((
    The traffic Dep should provide map with more informations , enter and exit points from Chnobury all the way to Pattaya …
    Now is …. a mess ((