Yupins Restaurant open for Dining and Takeaway


Yupins Restaurant is NOW OPEN from 12 noon till 8 p.m.  for dining inside. We were open on Friday night and had customers! Both dine in and take away!   Whooo! I was so happy to see them.

I was worried that with no air con it would be too hot, but we do have some strong ceiling mounted fans going fast and the customers said it was ok, not too bad after all.

Once the restrictions are lifted on cooling the restaurant we will of course turn on the air cons. But we are bringing in extra floor standing fans tonight, to help. I hope they don’t blow the food away! In a way the spirit of the thing is all rather fun, a bit like camping?

We had a staff meeting last night and all our staff voted to stay with us and they will all be in attendance throughout. Good loyalty, and they value our reputation. Again, I was happy to see that.

Here is our Take Away Menu of the meals best suited for takeout, and will be just as good when you get home to eat!
Yupins Take Away Menu For Collection:
Call  038 250  394 – Or  087 062 9672 After 12 Noon
Payment By Cash Or Credit Card; M/Card Or Visa if over 500 Baht.


1/  Salad: Smoked Salmon With Balsamic Dressing And Wasabi Mayo. 220 B.
2/  Salad: Nicoise, With Tomatoes, Eggs, Anchovy, And Dill. 220b
3/  Salad: Green Salad With Balsamic Dressing. 220 B
4/  Salad: Parma Ham And Melon…295b.
5/  Salad: Caesar Salad….220b
6/  Salad:  Tuna Salad And Wasabi Mayo.    220b
7/  Soup:  Cream Of Chicken Soup.    220b.
8/  Soup:  Cream Of Mushroom Soup.   220b.

Main Courses
9/  Medallions Of Pork Fillet With Green Apple Sauce Served With Vegetables Or French Fries.  310b.
10/  Grilled Red Snapper With Saffron Sauce Served With Grilled Sweet Peppers And Pesto.   310b.
11/ Grilled Chicken Breast With A Dijon Mustard Sauce And French Fries 310 B.
12/  Spaghetti Bolognese A Beef Sauce  310b
13/  Spaghetti Marinara A Seafood Sauce  310b
14/  Spaghetti Carbonara  A Creamy Smoked Ham Sauce  310b
15/  Florentine Chicken Breast Alla Medici A Sauce Of Cream, Parmesan,White Wine And Smoked Ham With A Choice Of Potato; Choose Either Sauté Potato, Or Mash Potato Or Fries.  395B
16/  Norway Salmon Pan Fried With A Butter Sauce And A Choice Of Potato.
Choose Either  Sauté Potato, Or Mash Potato Or Fries.  425b


17/   Sticky Rice With Fresh Mango And Sweet Sauce.  180b

If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.
As this has never happened before, of course we are rather ‘feeling our way’.
Many thanks indeed, and I hope to see you in the near future!!

Love from Yupin xxx
038 250 394 After 3 p.m.
Closed Wednesdays
Cell Phone: 087 062 9672
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.yupins.com