Thailand’s beautiful and rustic dream islands to make a castaway, even for a couple of days

Thailand offers islands, as beautiful and rustic as they are, that can perfectly serve the purpose to make a castaway, even for a couple of days, into a total escapade.

Hope it is also your dream to make a castaway, even for a couple of days, into a total escapade. Here are some of the islands, as beautiful and rustic as they are, that can perfectly serve the purpose.

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Ko Mak, Trat.

Ko Mak, Trat – To strive for a sustainable energy means depending on nature with a vow never to abuse it. On Ko Mak, a flat island off the eastern coast of Trat, people depend on solar system, promoting a low-carbon way of life, even when they are open for tourism. An escapade here means selecting from one of a few available resorts, and do what the sea bugs would do, lounging around on the beach, paddling on two wheels to explore, and munch on as much fresh seafood as one possibly can and not much else. Many of the resorts offer all-inclusive packages for your convenience.

Ko Phitak, Chumphon – Located only about 1 kilometre away from Chumphon’s shores, Ko Phitak offers a great getaway into life at sea. Locals here offer homestay accommodations from which visitors are welcomed to join their daily activities, squidding and fishing included, that come with a lot of seafood-centric local delicacies. At low tides, one can even walk on the sand dune between the island and the shores. Also, the rustic walkway that circles the island offers a great path to the surrounding views.

Ko Phitak, Chumphon.

Ko Lao La Ding, Krabi – A part of Than Bok Khorani National Park in Krabi, Ko Lao La Ding is a part of the stunning Phang Nga Bay. It is an island often visited in a day-trip to many other nearby islands. Trimmed with soaring limestone peaks and white-beach bays, this is a great mid-day stop in your island-hopping trip in the area.

Ko Phaluai, Surat Thani – Located off Surat Thani’s shores west of Ko Samui amidst KoAngthong Archipelago, KoPhaluai offers a totally different version of an island castaway. This island, occupied mostly by locals, is a place torn between rustic, pristine nature and something modern yet sustainable. Electric wind mills are everywhere here to provide the local energy supply, but at the same time, there is not much development, hence making the island a perfect escapade. Home-stay and a rustic resort accommodations are available. A great place to appreciate nature as it really is.

Ko Lao La Ding, Krabi.

Ko Yao Noi, Phang Nga – Another island off the shorelines of Phang Nga Bay, Ko Yao Noi is a place where visitors can enjoy the beautiful seas while also learning all about the local lifestyle. While fishing villages naturally dominate the vibes, other activities, including batik painting, rice-paddy visiting and rice planning as well as squidding and fishing, are always fun to be included into your island visiting experience.

Ko Phaluai, Surat Thani.


Ko Yao Noi, Phang Nga.