Pattaya springs to life on holiday weekend

Long weekends bring out the foreigners and Thais alike.

Heavy foot and vehicle traffic returned to Pattaya as a four-day weekend got underway.

While nowhere near as busy as Pattaya traditionally is in late November, both Thai and foreign visitors strolled the beaches with Pattaya Beach hosting another beachfront food festival from 4-10 p.m. each day.

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Most of the activity, though, came along Jomtien Beach with long lines of cars flowing into the area, sending expats to Facebook to moan about travel taking twice as long as usual these days.

Business owners and beach vendors, of course, weren’t complaining. The rest of the holiday, created by the government to spur domestic tourism, looks bright even if the weather is a bit dull.

Tourists from Bangkok converge on Pattaya during the long holiday.

Taking care of the little ones, keeping them safe and feeling loved.

Long weekends are a boost to vendors’ pocketbooks.


Sitting on a beach mat, eating and drinking the weekend away.

The “Walking, Shopping and Tasting” event on Pattaya Beach features traditional Thai theatre.

Famous actress Pancake Khemanit highlights the “Walking, Shopping and Tasting” opening ceremony on Pattaya Beach.


Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome and his lovely wife take in the sights and sounds on Pattaya Beach.