Raimon Land scholarships created to recognize outstanding university students


In line with its ongoing commitment to develop better communities, Raimon Land, a premier Thai real estate company, has created an educational endowment to provide annual scholarships for up to 25 deserving students from leading Thai universities.

In every society, education is paramount to success. As such, Raimon Land sees this scholarship endowment as a meaningful way to express its role in the community.

In this inaugural year of Raimon Land Scholarships, students who exhibited exceptional academic merit were selected from Chulalongkorn University’s faculties of architecture and engineering, by a special committee, for two types of scholarships.

Students thank their benefactors from Raimon Land.Students thank their benefactors from Raimon Land.

Raimon Land Gold Medal Scholarships were awarded to final year students who finished at the top of their class. Each recipient received a THB 40,000 scholarship.

Raimon Land Prize Scholarships were awarded to students with notable academic records who require financial assistance. Each recipient received a THB 60,000 scholarship.

The inaugural scholarship certificates were handed out during a ceremony at Raimon Land’s head office in Bangkok, presided over by Pradit Phataraprasit, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Raimon Land.

“We are proud to support these brilliant young men and women, so they can realize their potential and be better prepared to contribute to society when they enter the workforce,” said Pradit. “They were selected for excelling not just in the classroom, but also in the community. I offer my sincere congratulations to each one.”

“A sound education lays the foundation for a successful career and meaningful contribution to society,” added Johnson Tan, CEO of Raimon Land. “Through these scholarships, we want to recognize talented, young people who are determined to make the most of their studies. Raimon Land is glad to be able to contribute, albeit in a small way, to this end.”