Oxcart racing festivities kicks off in Phetchaburi

A colorful parade preceded the start of the oxcart racing festivities.

PHETCHABURI (TNA) – An ox-driven cart racing tournament is being held in Thailand’s Phetchaburi province as part of an annual festival marking the end of the rice harvest.

Ban Lat district organizes the festival which marks the 103th anniversary of the founding of the district featuring a myriad of rural traditions related to rice farming.

The races were fast and furious.

Communities in Ban Lat are represented in the ox-drawn cart races and other competitions such as bull race.   Teams of bullock carts compete in rounds for their place in the final on Sunday.

In the festival opening at Na Thung Thong activity ground on Wednesday, rice culture of Phetchaburi was in full display.  Organizers of the five-day festival aim to promote and conserve unique cultures and folk wisdom of Phetchaburi. (TNA)

The festivities went on into the night.