‘No Chairs Wednesday’ returns to Pattaya Beach

European tourists are not too disturbed by the lack of beach chairs on every third Wednesday of the month as they prefer to sunbathe on the sandy beaches of Pattaya.

Pattaya has resumed closing its beaches to umbrella vendors once a month after suspending the practice during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet and city officials visited Pattaya Beach Oct. 19 to ensure that all chairs and umbrellas were removed from the sand so that the beach could be cleaned.

The practice was started by the military junta after the 2014 coup, but was suspended over the past two-plus years when cash-strapped vendors asked for leniency during tough times.

But with the pandemic all but officially over, Poramet said things are going back to 2019 on the beach and vendors must clear out every third Wednesday of the month.

Tourists brought their own chairs, tents, blankets and mats and those interviewed said they approved of the policy, as it kept the beach clean.

Some tourists brought their own chairs and tents to the beach and took them home when they left.

Pattaya City sanitation workers sweep the sidewalk along the beaches every day of the week.