Chiang Mai Night Safari welcomes new bat-eared foxes


CHIANG MAI, 17 July 2012  – The Chiang Mai Night Safari has introduced three new bat-eared foxes, who were born on July 1st. 

The new additions include a male bat-eared fox, “Sansuk”, and two females “Nuna” and “Nurai.” The three kits are raised naturally by their parents. The zoo now has altogether nine bat-eared foxes; consisting of three males and six females.

Bat-eared fox is a rare species. It is usually found in areas around South Africa. Its small body,including the tail, measures up to no more than 55 centimeters. Big ears are its distinctive feature, as they can be as large as 13 centimeters. Bat-eared fox, therefore, has excellent hearing ability.

Tourists can now visit the kits, baby foxes, and their family at the Walking Zone in Chiang Mai Night Safari.