Domestic Tourism Campaign to Make Travel “Part of Life”


Bangkok, July 16, 2012 —  The Tourism Authority of Thailand has set a domestic tourism target of 107.4 million trips with revenue earnings of 453 billion Baht (USD 14.36 billion) in 2013. 

The domestic tourism campaigns planned for the rest of 2012 and into 2013 will seek to promote travel and tourism as a part of life for Thai people and foreign residents of Thailand, not just a luxury or a recreational activity but a necessity.

The campaigns will also strive to reinforce a strong sense of national identity among Thais, especially young travellers. The key marketing slogan will be “New Thinking, New Perspectives – Travel in Thailand Can Yield More Than You Think.”

It will also be designed to open new destinations and decongest the popular ones.

Domestic tourism has become an increasingly important component of the overall tourism mix. The growing Thai middle-class has the time, means, and the propensity to travel. It plays an important role socially, economically, environmentally and culturally.

Its importance has become particularly acute especially in times of crisis, when international travel tends to be affected, enhancing the role of domestic travel as a means of economic survival.

Thai government offices and many large corporations, both Thai and foreign, are also offering domestic trips as part of their incentive programs and holding their corporate meetings, team-building events and training forums within the country itself.

Also aiding and abetting the growing numbers of domestic travellers are the vast improvements in the quality of Thailand’s road system, low-season marketing campaigns by the hotels and the increasing number of low-cost airlines operating in the country.

A number of domestic travel trade shows are organised annually, many of which provide opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises to attract new business.