Bryan Adams “Heaven” on a Friday Night

A capacity crowd of half farang and half Thai came to see the Canadian Superstar Bryan Adams perform at Siam Paragon Hall in Bangkok last week.

After 2 years of Covid 19 Thailand is starving for some good old classic rock music, and it was delivered 100% last Friday March 17, at Siam Paragon Hall in Bangkok. A capacity crowd (2,500) of half farang and half Thai came to see the Canadian Superstar Bryan Adams whose last concert in the City of Angels was 30 years ago.

The concert started at 8.20 p.m. with “Kick Ass” and “Can’t stop this thing”, and this was the motto of the entire evening. The band consisting of longtime buddy Keith Scott (lead guitar), Mickey Curry (drums), Gary Breit (keyboards) and Solomon Walker (bass) played the set as tight as the glove of a VIP lady’s hand. What followed was a mixture of some new songs e.g. “Shine a light” or “So happy it hurts” and the many hits Adams had written over a 40 year career.

Hard rock numbers were followed by the melodic romantic ballads Adams is known for. I noticed many couples holding close and kissing. Adams is a pure magician when it comes to capturing the audience with his authentic and honest music.  The entire evening was a tremendous highlight. After finishing “Do I have to say the words” he thanked the crowd with “Khob Khun Khrap”, and the audience expressed great appreciation. After announcing he would perform two rockabilly songs “You belong to me” and “I’ve been looking for you”, Adams asked everyone to dance and show their best moves. The crowd was more than happy to oblige and were shown on the huge backstage screen.

Adams is a fantastic guitar player and this was on full display with his acoustic rendition of “When you’re gone” and “Straight from the heart”. Highlights of the concert were his big hits “18’ til I die”, the happy-go-lucky song “Summer of 69”, the popular “Cuts like a knife” delivered with full organ sound, and the powerful “Run to you”.
The slogan of this tour is “So Happy It Hurts”… no, the audience was convinced so wonderful it hurts. Bryan, we don’t want to wait another 30 years before we see you in Krung Thep again!