BANGKOK, THAILAND: Bhavana, South-East Asia’s only medically licensed rehabilitation and detoxification centre, has launched the ‘New Beginnings’ programme aimed at helping those with addiction issues make it through the holidays unscathed.

The festive season could be one of the most challenging times of year, said Dr Kai Goh, Bhavana founder and CEO, and an international addiction specialist. It was also, however, a period of reflection, resolutions and fresh starts.

Serene surroundings: Bhavana Phuket's calm and tranquil surroundings offer a healthy place for personal reflections induced by the hectic festive season.Serene surroundings: Bhavana Phuket’s calm and tranquil surroundings offer a healthy place for personal reflections induced by the hectic festive season.

“For those prone to addiction problems, the Christmas and New Year break can be a very trying time,” Dr Goh said. “We created ‘New Beginnings’ to help people escape the stresses and temptations of the festive season.

“For recovering addicts or people just beginning to realize they have a problem, these 7 to 28-day programmes will guide them in a new and positive direction, and allow them to step back from the peer group pressures or other temptations that come even more strongly to bear as the holidays approach.

“I urge anyone who feels things might be sliding off the rails a bit to join the programme and to participate in what promises to be a life-changing experience, subject to availability, of course.”

Programmes are available for 7 to 28 days, beginning from December 13 this year. The last day patients can book the 28-day program is December 15, 2012; while the cut-off date for the 7-day programme is January 8, 2013.

The all-inclusive fee is USD 3,000 for 7 days including airport transfers, full-board accommodation and medically supervised detox as required.

Dr Goh said the ‘New Beginnings’ programmes would incorporate Bhavana’s flagship BEAT (Bhavana Evaluation Assessment Treatment) approach, which represents a significant breakthrough in treatment of addiction in Asia, requiring a stay of as little as seven days to achieve detox from alcohol dependence and begin the rehabilitation process.

Dr Goh is an addiction specialist formerly with world-renowned The Priory in London and also has a psychiatric practice dealing with addiction in London’s Knightsbridge.

Bhavana’s treatment programmes have been designed and created by leaders in their field at Cottonwood in the US and adapted to the Asian environment. The centre’s credentials are further enhanced through the strong support from addiction specialists at The Priory in London and Promises in Singapore, all amongst the world’s top centres for treatment of addiction.

Caring company: Bhavana Phuket offers patients an open and relaxed environment to tackle behavioural addictions and substance dependency. Caring company: Bhavana Phuket offers patients an open and relaxed environment to tackle behavioural addictions and substance dependency.

Bhavana’s team of specialists were accustomed to helping patients coping with a varied range of both substance dependences and behavioural addictions Substance dependences range from over-the-counter and prescription drugs, painkillers, sleeping pills to alcohol and illegal substances such as cocaine, methamphetamines and heroin.

Behavioural addictions include internet addiction, addiction to pornography, compulsive shopping, gambling and also sexual compulsivity. Forms of anxiety, various phobias and post-traumatic stress, although not addictions, are also disorders that could be successfully treated using Bhavana’s integrated approach.

Bhavana offers short and long-term programmes including medical detox for safe alcohol or drug withdrawal and a genuine medical and therapeutic addiction treatment facility, licensed as a hospital by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand. The centre is located on a serene and very private beachfront estate in Southern Phuket, with international flight access close at hand yet a level of seclusion and natural beauty which ensures the best possible start to each patient’s recovery.

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Notes to the Editor:

Bhavana Phuket is a boutique rehabilitation centre with just 17 guest rooms – allowing all patients to receive highly personalized treatment and focused attention to ensure their recovery stays on track. It is also Asia’s first internationally accredited rehab and medical detox centre with a hospital license offering masters-qualified counsellors offering absolute privacy at its serene beachfront estate in Phuket