PM invites Thais to join on Dec 5 as HM the King makes public appearance


BANGKOK, Dec 1 —  Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Saturday called on the Thai people to join together for an auspicious event on December 5 when His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej will make a public appearance on his birthday from the balcony of Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall.  

The prime minister, on her weekly TV programme,“Yingluck Government Meets the People,” described the event as a special occasion when HM the King will appear at the balcony of Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall near the Royal Plaza, starting at 10 am.

December 5 marks His Majesty’s 85th birthday anniversary.

Permanent secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office Tongthong Chandransu earlier said there will be an oath of allegiance to be taken by the Royal Guards on the same day.

Ms Yingluck, the army commander in chief, the chief justices of Thailand’s courts and more than 2,000 military officers will join the dress rehearsal on December 2.

Mr Tongthong said gigantic LCD screens will be installed on both sides of Rajdamnoen Avenue leading to the Royal Plaza and Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall to enable the crowd to clearly see HM the King and royal family members.

Ms Yingluck said that a variety of activities would be held to mark the event during December 1-5 and at 7.19 pm of December 5, a candle-lit ceremony will be held at Sanam Luang to celebrate HM the King’s birthday.

Dissathorn Vajarodaya, deputy secretary general of the Royal Household Bureau, has called on Thai people to wear yellow—the King’s birthday colour—to pay homage to him during the royal appearance.