Airport link to add more check-in counters


BANGKOK, 15 July 2012  – Mr. Wasin Vannaprueks, the Marketing Section Manager of SRT Electrified Train Co., Ltd, which manages the Airport Rail Link, made public that this coming August 14, he will meet with the Airline Operators Committee (AOC) to discuss the planned opening of additional check-in counters at the Airport Rail Link’s Makkasan Station. Mr. Wasin stated that his company will present suggestions to various airlines regarding check-in promotions, improving the ambience at the station, and stores within the station.

Airlines that are interested in opening check-in services at Makkasan station will be allowed to utilize check-in counters, offices, and parking spaces for free for the first six months, and employees will also be given rail passes for use to travel to work. Whether these services will be offered cost-free for more than six months will depend on negotiations between the company and interested airlines.

Mr. Wasin also noted that at present, only one airline is providing check-in services at Makkasan station, which is Thai Airways International.