Yala Chamber of Commerce donate foods and drinking water to flood victims


YALA, 29 Dec 2014,  The Yala Chamber of Commerce has handed out food and drinking water to the flood victims in Satengnok Sub-district.

President of the Yala Chamber of Commerce Dr. Noppong Theerawon yesterday delivered 1,000 food and drinking water survival kits to the floods affected residents of Satengnok Sub-district in Muang District of Yala Province. The event was joined by Yala Govorner Samart Waradisai and the head of the Muang Satengnok Municipal.

According to Dr. Noppong, the donation drive was part of the Chamber’s efforts to help the locals of Satengnok Sub-district get back on their feet, after the floods which has recently receded severely damaged the areas.

The area is still at risk of another round of inundation, as the Meteorological Department has predicted more heavy rains over the New Year holidays.

The donation would give the locals moral support, enabling them to better prepare themselves for the floods, Dr. Noppong said.