NLA’s 2nd Vice President suggested public referendum for new charter


BANGKOK, 29 December 2014  A vice president of the National Legislative Assembly believes the details of the new Constitution should be shared and voted in order for it to be a complete charter.

NLA’s 2nd Vice President Peerasak Porjit said that public referendum is essential for the drafting of the new Constitution.

For the proposed direct election of the prime minister, Mr. Peerasak said that no conclusion has been reached on this proposal as it has to go through a process in which the National Reform Council will voice their opinions first.

He also turned down the suggestion that the new charter is an attempt to pass on certain power from one council to another, adding that the ongoing reform process is actually an attempt to prevent such a scenario.

When asked about the power of the Senate under the new charter, Mr. Peerasak said that the issue is up to the Constitutional Drafting Committee although he personally believes senators should be elected and appointed in order to enable the public to take part in the selection of people who will represent them in the Parliament.