Holidaymakers make their ways to Chalathat Beach in Leam Samila of Songkla


SONGKLA, 29 Dec 2014,  Songkla Officials have reported a large influx of holidaymakers visiting Chalathat Beach in Leam Samila.

According to the report, the majority of the tourists are Malaysian and Singaporean from various tour groups, who have been seen enjoying themselves at the beach, sparking a lively and robust business scene in the area.

Activities popular among the tourists visiting Chalathat Beach include taking photos with the golden mermaid statue, the symbol of Songkla Province, and shopping for souvenirs such as key chains and postcards.

Tourists have already begun visiting the beach even though the New Year period is still a week away, said one of the vendors, adding that the number will definitely surge when the festive season actually arrives.