Village chiefs and headmen assigned to deliverand receive mail


BANGKOK, 18 October 2013 Thailand Post has publicly has apologized for delays in its mail delivery services, caused by heavy rains in the past couple of days. 

According to Mr. Kalong Subsaart, Senior Executive Vice President of Regional Operations of Thailand Post, recipients of registered mail and EMS deliveries would be notified via telephone of delivery arrivals. As for the countryside, letters and packages would be sent to village centers such as residences of village chiefs and/or headmen, which served as rendezvous points, and delivered to their rightful recipients later on.

The country has been belted by heavy storms and downpour in the past couple days, resulting in delays of mail deliveries, particularly express mail (EMS), which is supposed to be delivered within the 24 hours.

Mr. Kalong, however, affirmed that the post office is doing everything in its power to expedite the mail delivery service. Employees are currently working overtime in order to prevent any mail being left behind.

In addition, Mr. Kalong reassured the public that the company has more than 10,000 postmen, each of whom delivers 500 pieces of mails per day, on its payroll to solve the backlog. He again apologized for inconveniences and delays that have occurred.