Family members of PTT employees killed in Lao plane crash will be compensated by the conglomerate


BANGKOK, 18 October 2013 The PTT has affirmed that it shall take responsibility to care for the family members of its deceased employees who were killed in the horrific Lao Airlines plane crash in the Mekong river this past October 16. 

Assistant President for Oil Business of the PTT, Mr. Chavalit Panthong, expressed his condolences to the affected family members of the plane crash victims. He reported that the 3 employees on the plan were on a business trip for the conglomerate to explore new business ventures in setting up new gas stations and tank farms in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Mr. Chavalit has affirmed that PTT will take full responsibility of the matter – in addition to the already existing employee compensation benefits the victims would receive in the case of death or permanent incapacity.

The 3 PTT employees that were on board the plane are as follows: 1. Mr. Yanyong Apanan 2. Mr. Niphon Mengsri and 3. Mr. Virathep Vivavong