US Consulate General – Chiang Mai on security alert after Bangkok blasts


BANGKOK, 16 February 2012  – The US Consulate General in Chiang Mai has tightened security after the province has been named a terror target. 

Following 3 blasts in central Bangkok on Tuesday, the US government and 9 other countries have issued alert messages for their citizens while traveling in Thailand.

Included in the alert is the list of provinces that Washington has named as possible terror target, and Chiang Mai is one of them.

As a result, the US Consulate General has stepped up security measures, such as thorough searches on visitors and their belongings, more security guards around its premises, and a ban on parking near the compound wall.

Elsewhere in the province, the Chiang Mai Police Department has also ordered more patrols at all popular tourist attractions, other foreign consulates, and areas popular among foreign expatriates in the province.