MFA: 14 countries have issued travel warning on Thailand


BANGKOK, 16 February 2012  – Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul has disclosed that a total of 14 countries have now issued travel warnings on Thailand. 

This group of countries includes Canada, USA, UK, Iceland, Austria, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, New Zealand, Italy, Norway, Israel, and Taiwan.

However, it is believed that the travel warning will soon be lifted as the suspects have been apprehended. In addition, the MFA has given instructions to relevant officials to keep foreign embassies in Thailand up to date with the situation to ensure a speedy revocation of the warnings.

Mr. Surapong added that following the Foreign Ministry’s clarification on the Bangkok blasts, foreign countries have a better understanding of the current situation in Thailand. The MFA has requested that any country with knowledge concerning terrorism should forward the information to Thailand in order for it to be verified and prevented.

Meanwhile, Iranian authorities have issued an announcement condemning the terrorists while denying that they were citizens of Iran. The foreign country has requested that Thailand verify the real nationality of the culprits. Thailand will comply with this request, and believes that the verification process of such an urgent matter would not take long.

Additionally, the MFA has instructed all embassies to carefully check the identities of visa applicants to Thailand, especially when the application is made through agencies. The MFA is certain that Thailand is not a target of terrorism and insists that Thailand’s security and intelligence agencies are efficient in keeping Thailand safe.