Two more COVID-19 patients discharged


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Public Health has announced the latest cumulative number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Thailand is 35, with two more patients having recovered and been discharged from hospital. There are now 17 patients who have recovered from the virus, while two patients are still in a critical condition.

The Ministry of Public Health has stressed that it is providing the best medical care to patients, and screening passengers at airports and seaports. Only cruise ships that haven’t called at any countries at risk, are being granted permission to dock in Thailand.

The ministry has announced that passengers from the ship Westerdam, will not be allowed to enter Thailand, while Thai evacuees who have returned from Wuhan are due for discharge after completing their 14-day quarantine.

According to Deputy Director General of Department of Disease Control (DDC), Tanarak Plipat, Thai authorities have decided to bar any more Westerdam cruise passengers from entering the country.

Some have already entered and exited the country, and about four remain in Thailand, two Thais and two foreigners. They are receiving care and are being monitored closely. He believes that the two foreigners are preparing to leave the country.

Deputy Director General of the DDC further explained the final preparations for the release of Thai evacuees from Wuhan after completing their 14-day quarantine. Once they are cleared to go home, the Ministry of Public Health confirms that they are healthy and unlikely to spread the disease. He wishes to see Thai people welcome back fellow Thais who returned home.