Cabinet approves 1.7 billion baht budget for underwater electricity cable tunnel to Koh Tao


BANGKOK – The Cabinet has approved a 1.7 billion baht budget for a project to construct an underwater electricity cable tunnel from Koh Pha Ngan to Kh Tao, in a bid to supply a rising demand for power.

Government Spokesperson Narumon Pinyosinwan, explained that 1.3 billion baht will be borrowed from local financial institutions, and the Provincial Electricity Authority will fund the remaining amount.

She further clarified that the project will cover the development of Koh Tao’s electricity grid, power distribution capacity and stability, as the southern island welcomes a rising number of visitors each year and enjoys expanding economic growth.

The three-year initiative that is expected to begin next year involves the construction of a tunnel to house the cable, the establishment of a power distribution system, and the installation of related equipment.

The project was initially begun in 2014 but was postponed until it was renewed by the current administration.