Turkish man arrested for using fake passport


CHONBURI, 10 September 2015  – Immigration Office in Pattaya, Chonburi province, arrested a Turkish man for using a counterfeit passport.

The Turkish offender, 40-year-old Khatami Shahram, was charged with forging official document and using counterfeit passport.

The arrest came after Mr. Shahram visited the immigration office to renew his visa. Officials detected several irregularities on the passport, and thus conducted further investigation before concluding that it was a forged document.

According to the authorities, the passport belonged to someone else, and was altered using Mr. Shahram’s photo and information.

The Turkish man said he had been doing business in Thailand for over a decade, using tourist visa. The Turk admitted to have hired an individual for 70,000 baht to forge the document, after misplacing his own passport. Mr. Shahram is now under police custody, awaiting further legal proceeding.