PM awards 34 government organizations for excellence in financial management


BANGKOK, 9 September 2015  – Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha presided over the presentation ceremony of the 2nd excellence in financial management award for fiscal year 2015 held at Santi Maitree Building, the Government House, on Wednesday at 11 a.m.

The ceremony was organized by the Comptroller General’s Department, Ministry of Finance and witnessed by the Deputy Minister of Finance, the Permanent Secretary for Finance, the Director-General of the Department, as well as relevant government authorities, universities and press members.

Gen Prayut gave plaques to thirty four government organizations whose performance in financial management in this fiscal year were evaluated as “excellent”. At the ceremony, the Prime Minister congratulated all the recipients, saying that their performance had reflected the efficiency in the country’s budget management and led to a higher level of public confidence in the government.

He added that the enhancement of Thailand’s economic potentials has been a major and urgent policy of the government, which has been rushing budget disbursement through state investment projects. However, the disbursement is still disrupted by numerous legal procedures and bureaucratic regulations.

He therefore called on all sectors for their cooperation in accelerating the disbursement and helping ensure that no corruption would arise in the process.

Currently, the government has adjusted the national administrative role by serving as “facilitator” to expedite businesses and private investments. He requested both government and private sectors to work in parallel for better achievements.