Treasury Department warns of fake 2 baht coins for 2016


BANGKOK, 4 November 2014 – The Treasury Department stated that the 2 baht coins for year 2016 that have been circulating around the web are actually counterfeit coins.

Director-General of the Treasury Department Naris Chaisutr dismissed a rumor that many coin collectors have been gathering these silver-colored 2 baht coins for speculation. He also stated that the coins were fake, as the department has stopped distributing silver-colored 2 baht coins since 2008 and reverted to producing the gold-colored ones instead.

Investigations reveal that the photos of the silver-colored 2 baht coins for 2016 that were posted online might have been photo-shopped by basing it on the image of an actual silver-colored 2 baht coin for 2006.

The department also warned that if any coin distributor illegally produced the counterfeit coins and released them to the public, they would be held accountable on related charges according to Article 9 of the Currency Act B.E. 2501 (1958). Violators will be fined up to 50,000 baht at the maximum or face a jail-term of up to 3 years, or both.