NRC’s Whip to be formed to work with government


BANGKOK, 4 November 2014 – The National Reform Council (NRC) is now considering 18 individuals to the standing committee in its first meeting, which is taking place today.

The NRC meeting is held within the National Legislative Assembly (NLA)’s framework. Its objective is to set up the primary standing committee who will be responsible for appointing 18 other standing committees in the Parliament.

Each candidate can only become a member of no more than 2 panels. They may declare their intentions to join until tomorrow. The selection process is expected to be completed no later than November 11th.

Once the 18 standing committees have been formed, their representatives, consisting of 29 people in total, will be chosen to form the NRC’s whips, whose roles and responsibilities are to cooperate with the National Council for Peace and Order, the Cabinet and the NLA to determine the reform process.