Trat Provincial Livestock Office initiates program for healthy livestock


TRAT 28 February 2014 The Trat Provincial Livestock Office has given the green light to moves towards the better production of livestock in the region in order to benefit local farmers who raise animals as a business. 

A workshop on developing livestock in the province has been established in order to provide farmers with the know-how to produce livestock that is guaranteed safe for consumption. A total of 100 farmers attended the initial workshop at the Trat Provincial Livestock Office.

The office added that it acknowledges the necessity of ensuring safety of meat for consumption from all the region’s livestock, and it therefore initiated the training program for local farmers to learn how to maintain quality in their animals.

The program is intended to benefit a variety of business owners and farmers, and ranges from the basic raising of animals, to feed production, and on to the slaughterhouses and the production of meat — all of which is intended to ensure safety and prevent any unwanted chemical residue or disease contamination in the products.

By ensuring the quality and safety of livestock within the province, the Trat Provincial Livestock Office hopes to lessen the restrictions that have been placed on Thai livestock and make the country’s output in this field internationally acceptable.