Drought broadening in Khon Kaen


KHON KAEN 28 February 2014  Khon Kaen’s drought situation remains on watch; while growing water shortages are a serious concern in many parts of the province.  Khon Kaen Governor Somsak Suwansucharit has reported that the overall drought situation in the province is still manageable, but many areas are requesting aid due to the declining water availability. 

The most recent rainfall in the province was reported in December 2013. The situation, according to Mr. Somsak, is expected to worsen if there is still no sign of rain in the next two weeks. 

The water management committee in Khon Kaen is working hard to provide sufficient water to local residents from dams and reservoirs in the area — while people who live in rural areas far from the irrigation system are suffering much more from the lack of rain. 

The province has therefore urged all farmers to cease any off-season rice growing in order to alleviate the water shortage. At the same time, more budget disbursements have been allocated in order to aid those afflicted by the developing drought in the province.