Trang prepares to be Styrofoam-zero city


TRANG – Different sectors in Trang have kicked off the campaign to make the province a Styrofoam-zero city, starting from the National Children’s Day onwards.

The Styrofoam-free city campaign is one of the 27 missions aimed at returning happiness to Trang people through tourism, agricultural and industrial development. Local food operators and outlets have been asked to phase out plastic and Styrofoam containers to help improve the environment and prevent health risks among consumers.

Dr. Witoon Luangdilok, chief public health officer of Trang province explained polystyrene foam containers are very slow to biodegrade and consist of hazardous chemicals although they are convenient to use.

The recently-launched campaign is expected to add a new charm to Trang. The province is one of the 12 hidden gems recommended by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).