Three new Zika cases reported in Phetchabun province


Three Zika cases have been reported in Phetchabun province after the two cases in Chiang Mai’s Sansai district have been discharged from the hospital when they were cleared of any Zika virus.


No details were available about the three new cases reported in Tambon Ban Tiew, Tambon Ban Soke and Tambon Ban Wai of Lomsak district but the provincial health officials have declared the three tambons disease control area.

In Chiang Mai, Dr Paisal Tunyavinichakul, the provincial health official, said that the two Zika cases – two siblings aged 9 and 11 – have been cleared of the virus and are now normal. However, he added that health officials are on the watchout for the virus in Chiang Mai.

In Sansai district, several pregnant women have been tested at tambon health centres for Zika virus, but no new cases have been found.