Thailand to add four rare wild sea animals to list of reserved wild animal species


The government yesterday endorsed the listing of four rare sea animals on the country’s list of reserved wild animal species in the bid to save them from extinction.

The listing of the four rare marine animals was proposed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.


Government spokesman Maj Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd said the ministry proposed to add four rare sea animals to the existing list of 15 reserved wild animal species defined under the Wild Animal Reservation and Protection Act of BE 2535.

The new wild animal species are 1. Rhincodon typus or whale shark. 2. Balaenoptera edeni or Bryde’s whale. 3. Balaenoptera omurai or the dwarf fin whale, 4. Dermochelys coriacea or leatherback sea turtle.

Currently Thailand has 15 designated reserved wild animal species.

Under this law, it is prohibited by law to hunt, breed, possess or trade any of such species, except when done for scientific research with permission from the Permanent Secretary of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, and breeding and possession by authorised public zoos.