Thais rush to the aid the stranded Russian tourists


A few days after that on February the 2nd at the Town In Town hotel in central Pattaya, the hotel’s manager called a press conference to update the media about the ongoing situation of the Russian tourists who are stranded in Pattaya because their tour company went bust.

Lanta tour company had collected around 100,000 baht from each of their customers, funds that should have been used to pay for the rooms, however the money disappeared when the company went bust leaving hundreds of Russian tourists stuck in Pattaya.

The manager of the hotel explained that the hotel had decided to waive the room charges and to let the tourists stay for free until such time that transport can be arranged to take them back home.

A representative of the Russian tourists stated that he was angered by the tour company’s actions and that for the last two weeks he and his companions had no desire to tour around Pattaya as their future was somewhat uncertain, however the hotel’s kind generosity meant that they realized that Thailand was a kind and giving country and he stated that many of them would return to enjoy a full holiday.

Meanwhile Pol. Lt. Gen. Punya Maamen, commander of region 2 has been taking care of the case and is working with the authorities in Russia to arrange funds for air transportation and the MD of Lanta tour company has been charged with fraud.