Murder at Alcatraz


Police and the emergency services rushed to Alcatraz a go-go bar in walking street on the 30th of January as there was a report that a Thai man had been stabbed by his wife.

At the scene they found the body of 30 year old Yordchai (or Jae) La-oo-inth he had been stabbed in the sternum and was clearly dead.

Beside him was his wife 35 year old Ms. Vasitan Sae-lim and nearby was the blood-stained knife she had used to kill her husband.

She stated that she had been married to him for ten years and that they had a two year old baby, but that he frequently physically abused her as he was very possessive.

Earlier that evening she was working at the Candyshop bar on walking street where she works as a waitress and he paid her a visit, he had once again hit her, she then followed him to Alcatraz a go-go where he works behind the bar and stated that she had the knife in her possession which she used to stab him with.

Her husband had died instantly, witnesses stated that they had seen his wife trying to give him CPR but was unsuccessful.

Ms. Vasitan stated that she had no intention of killing her husband, however she was arrested and will be charged with murder.