Thailand spared GSP cutback for some farm products to the US


Thai exporters of orchids, coconut juice and other non-alcoholic beverages are relieved after the United States has decided not to scrap the GSP for farm products from Thailand as requested by the Commerce Ministry in its 2015 review of the GSP, said Commerce Minister Apiradee Tantraphorn over the weekend.


Farm products from Thailand to the US market which still enjoy the GSP are grouped into two categories – firstly, products which are over 50 percent of US market share and whose value is less than US$23 million which include cut orchids and 10 other items and, secondly, non-alcoholic beverages mostly coconut juice whose ceiling value is set at US$170 million.

Mr Apiradee said that the GSP for Thailand will be retained for, at least, five more years.

She recommended Thai exporters of the products entitled to GSP to make the most use of the privilege.