NBC to rule on GMM 25 and Voice TV cases today


The National Broadcasting Commission will decide at its meeting on Monday what punitive action to be taken against a TV programme of GMM 25 channel for allegedly featuring rape and violent scenes.


Ms Supinya Klangnarong, a member of the commission, said that complaints had been lodged by members of the public against some scenes of the soap opera, Club Friday to be Continued – on air on Monday-Tuesday between 8 pm-9.15 pm and, later on, rerun – which they alleged to be physically and mentally violent and deemed to be immoral, particularly the rape scenes.

She pointed out that the soap opera n question was categorized as a programe for the general public but the programming and content subcommittee found the programme may violate Section 37 of the broadcasting act, particularly a scene in which a woman suffered facial burns after she was forced to put her face to the exhaust pipe of a motorcycle.

She suggested that the GMM Channel Company should have readjusted its TV programmes to fit with different age groups.

Ms Supinya went on saying that the commission the Tonight Thailand programme of Voice TV dated May 25 which allegedly carried content defying the NCPO orders 97/25557 and 103/57.

Regarding the case of Peace TV which was earlier ordered suspended for a month, she said, personally, she wanted the case to be treated like a normal case instead of being treated as a special case which could be viewed as biased.